Less Clicks is an international development goup founded in 2007. The main target activity is software development for modeling agencies as well as site development and support. Our main goal is to produce the best booking system for model agencies. We have spent more than 2 years developing the system, making it better and still make it better every day.

Why Less Clicks is a better choice?

  • LC BookingSystem is 100% web based. It means you can reach it from any computer worldwide. You can manage your business from your office, home or even when you are on a distance!
  • LC System is fully connected to your webpage. No need to use any webmaster services, you can manage everything by yourself.
  • LC BookingSystem is good for agencies with any budget! Doesn’t matter if you are running a small local agency or a big network agency. We deliver the talent managing system on a monthly rent base. You can have your own system from only 150 EUR per month!
  • NO extra fees! We do not have any extra fees for using the system. You can have unlimited number of users, model profiles or bookings. You can send unlimited number of portfolios to your clients, emails or massmail!

Why Less Clicks is good for your company?

  • With LC Booking System you have all your information in one place. You can reach it with several clicks of a mouse.
  • You can store unlimited models images and videos and arrange it to create a better portfolios for your models.
  • You can send model portfolios to the clients immediately right from the system.
  • Printing model cards is also easy and quick. Choose the pictures to print, and it’s done!
  • All the bookings can be created and managed so quickly and easy.
  • Invoice your clients with two clicks of the mouse!
  • Store all your clients database in a handle way to send them booking info, portfolios or news by email or SMS!